Easy pudding recipes

Hi and welcome to EasyPuddingRecipes, a site with over 200 classic recipes for all sorts of puddings. Corn pudding recipes, yorkshire pudding recipes, and easy rice pudding recipes are all here as well as many other simple pudding recipes. The recipes on this site are collected from several public domain recipes books some of which are nearly one hundred years old.

The recipe titles contained on this site are listed on the left hand column / scroll down to see more. In cases where there are a variety of different recipes for the same type of pudding, there is often a number to the right of the pudding name. For example, there are several different recipes for bread pudding.

What are some of the most popular and commonly searched for pudding recipes? These include bread pudding, yorkshire pudding, rice pudding, banana pudding, and the perenial favorite: chocolate pudding. Other favorites of many include sticky toffee pudding, plum pudding, vanilla pudding, and figgy pudding.

The pages may be of particular interest to those searching for simple rice pudding recipes, yorkshire pudding recipes, baked pudding, and homemade pudding recipes in general.

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