A recipe for making almond pudding – No. 1 Take the whites of seven eggs with the yolks of ten, one-half pound of pulverized sweet almonds with one-half ounce of pounded bitter almonds, one-half pound of powdered sugar and one tablespoon of orange-flower water. Beat the eggs well with the orange water, then add the sugar and almonds gradually; beat all for one hour or until it bubbles; then grease deep pie-dishes with olive oil and pour in the mixture. They must be baked in a rather moderate oven. When the mixture is set and browned place over them a paper greased with olive oil to prevent them getting dark. Serve cold. Powdered sugar should be sprinkled freely over the pudding before serving. If you wish to have them very rich boil one-half pound of sugar with one-half pint of water until it thickens; cool and pour over the pudding when you take it from the oven.

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