A recipe for making college pudding. – Twelve sponge fingers, 4 oz. of ratafia biscuits, 2 oz. blanched almonds, 2 oz. of candied fruit, and 1 pint of custard made with custard powder. Butter thickly a pint and a half pudding basin, decorate the bottom with a few slices of the bright coloured fruits, split the sponge fingers and arrange them round the sides of the basin, letting each one overlap the other and cut the tops level with the basin; break up the remainder of the cakes and mix with the chopped almonds, the ratafias crushed, and the remainder of the candied fruits chopped finely; carefully fill the basin with this mixture, not disturbing the fingers round the edge; prepare 1 pint of custard according to recipe on page 75, and while still hot pour into the basin over the cakes, &c., cover with a plate and put a weight on the top, let stand all night in a cold place; turn out on to a glass dish to serve.

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