1/4 lb. Flour. 1/4 lb. Bread Crumbs. 1/4 lb. Suet. 1 oz. Sugar 1 tablespoonful Vinegar. 1 gill Milk. 1 tablespoonful Raspberry Jam. 1 Egg 1/2 teaspoonful Carbonate of Soda. Time–Two Hours. Mix the flour, crumbs, finely chopped suet, and sugar in a basin, then stir in the jam. Beat up the egg and milk, and stir it in. Mix up the carbonate of soda and the vinegar together; beat it in, and when well mixed pour it into a buttered basin. Tie up carefully, and boil for two hours; turn out on to a hot dish, and serve either with sifted sugar or custard sauce.

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